Some great benefits of brick oven pizza – more healthy and tastier

The advantages of brick oven pizza

Since the dawn of civilization, wood-fired brick ovens and pizza have been in existence. Discoveries of brick ovens happen to be made in the excavations associated with virtually every ancient tradition. Today, the large rock oven is as commonplace in Italy since the barbecue grill is actually elsewhere. There are many advantages of pizza made in a brick oven which cannot be duplicated in a conventional oven.
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Higher cooking temperature – Heat radiates out from the flame (in this case, a wood fire), is spread around the oven, as well as ultimately absorbed by the interior brick walls. This heat radiates across the dome very evenly as the floor of the stove remains slightly chillier. When the oven will get really hot inside, the baking heat can be anywhere between 570 and 660 degrees Fahrenheit. By keeping a continuous small fire happening inside the oven, these temperatures can be maintained. A really good pizzas is made in this atmosphere.

Faster cooking time — Because of the high heat stored in the dense wall space, the brick oven is designed to cook pizzas very quickly. It takes roughly 2-3 minutes maximum for the pizza to cook. This is economical if you need to cook a lot of pizzas!

Better crust – At such high temps, the radiant heat from the fire and also the heat bouncing off the inside walls from the oven crisps the outside from the pizza very quickly. Any moisture in the dough is thus covered off. This helps prevent the base of the money from becoming soggy and results in a flavorful crust that’s fluffy, yet soft and chewy.

Unique flavor – Only a wood-fired large rock oven pizza imparts that unique smoky taste that cannot be reproduced in a normal kitchen stove. The high temperature creates other flavors not achieved by slow cooking. However, because heat destroys the flavor of olive oil, there’s usually none found in either the dough or the sauce. Instead, a good-quality olive oil is actually drizzled over the prepared pizza right before serving.

Crispier toppings – The extreme heat and continuous airflow generated in the brick oven closes and cooks the toppings evenly and quickly. The vegetable toppings will be crispier than those produced on pizzas made in the oven. This fast cooking also allows the vitamins and other nutrients in the veggies to remain. In addition, the actual cheese does not burn up but, instead, leads to an appealing color and smoky flavor.

Running a brick pizza stove has its own benefits; it’s both economical and efficient. It is economical in that more than one pizza can be cooked at any given time and foods apart from pizza can be cooked inside. It is effective as foods prepare quicker, resulting in healthier ingredient and better tasting pizza. Not only that, your friends and family will be therefore impressed!

Brick stoves have stood the exam of time and are still going strong. If you made a time machine as well as went 20 years to the future you will most probably find brick ovens are still around and working hard in houses and commercial pizzas and bread companies. There are many great benefits of brick ovens in comparison to other conventional stoves. Be careful because after reading this list of benefits you may want to add this oven to your Xmas wish list so you can have brick oven pizza any day of the year.

High Heat Fast Cooking:

The brick oven is made from materials which absorb the heat in the fuel source. The walls and dome soaks up the heat and keeps the oven hot. Once the oven gets to optimal temperature Eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit the chimney or flue is closed and the oven is let to sit for some minutes to let the heat even out. You are able to cook pizzas between 800 to 572 levels. Simple thin crusts pizzas can be prepared in 90 seconds! Bigger thicker crust pizzas are cooked around 572 degrees and take about 2-3 minutes.

Great Flavor:

This type of oven, mostly because of the cooking techniques produces an amazing taste. The crust is perfectly crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. This is because of the 2-3 minute cooking. The quick time doesn’t allow the pizza brown crust area moisture to escape like regular ovens perform. The same holds true for that toppings, you are not going to have soggy toppings from a large rock oven pizza, rather they will be crisp as well as full of nutrition. The majority of th nutrients in meals are lost during cooking food, if cooking time is short it hair in more nutrients.

Fuel Options:

You can get a large rock oven in many different designs that heat up with numerous fuel sources. For that uniquely smoky flavor brick oven pizza are known for you would desire to use wood. There are many locations available on line to obtain your own brick stove at home or you can get directions to build one yourself.


If you don’t own a brick stove or are not within the mood to build 1 you can go to a lot of your local small loved ones owned pizza shops in your neighborhood and you’ll find the majority of them still operate with brick ovens instead of the conventional roller stoves you find in most large pizza chains.


Whether you are looking for the initial crispy, chewy crust, the extra nutritional values of vitamins and minerals from quick cooked crispy toppings, or the unique smoky flavor you will not be disappointed within the brick oven pizza. This is the type of Junk food that you can really genuinely enjoy.

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